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Have I read this already?
Info courstesy of Kathryn Sturtz, AALS
Are you at that point where you can't remember if you read a particular title or not?  Do you need a way to list the books you've read in something better than an Excel list or Word document?  Would you like to participate in online book discussions with a group that is interested in similar genres?
There are several online services that will organize your personal reading - what you've read, what's on your wish list and provide social sites for readers.  Most of these services work pretty much the same and are free - except for LibraryThing that will charge you for any list over 200 titles.  You create an account, then add the books, write reviews, rate the titles and share your books with others.  You can also add more than books such as DVDs, computer games and music on some sites. 
  • My Library in Google Books -- It's a typical Google service with lots of options.   

  • LibraryThing -- has 700,000 users and is highly recognized in the library crowd.

  • GoodReads -- There are a lot of users involved in lively discussions.  

  • Shelfari -- advertises itself as a social media site that focuses on books.

  • Reader 2

  • Gurulib