The public meeting rooms in the library include rooms A, B, & C, ESL1 & ESL2, which can be reserved individually or as a group. See capacity chart below.

  • When requesting times, please include any setup/cleanup time needed. For instance, if your meeting starts at 3:00 but you need to decorate the tables and it will take at least 1/2 hour, please include that in your booking time.
  • A deposit of $100 is required for all room bookings. If you have recurring bookings, we will deposit the $100 and refund after all meetings are completed.
  • Non-profits can book the rooms if available no more than 2 times per month during library open hours. 
  • For profits will be charged a fee for the room use.  Please see Meeting Room Fee Schedule.
  • Rooms are available for use when the library is closed.  See Meeting Room After Hours Policy  and Meeting Room Fee Schedule



Meeting Room capacity                          Per Room                        Using all                           Per Room                         Using both
                                                                     A, B or C                          A, B, & C                           ESL 1 or 2                           ESL 1 & 2


Standing                                                       35                                     120                                          10                                       20

Seated at tables                                         20                                       75                                           10                                       20

Seated chairs only                                     25                                     100                                           n/a                                     n/a

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